43rd Annual Tri-Cities SWAP MEET
 and Antique Car Display

Saturday, May 4th, 8AM to 5PM

Vendor set-up Friday 2PM to 7PM

Benton County Fairgrounds

Kennewick, Washington (use 10th Avenue entrance)

Admission by donations as desired. All proceeds go to Tri-Cities Technical Institute scholarship fund.

Swap Meet Chairperson > John Trumbo (509) 366-2241

Swap Meet Co-Chairperson > John Hopkins (509) 987-4504

Buy -- Sell -- Trade    Cars, Parts, Collectibles

Display parking for antique & collector cars 30 years or older

bulletInside Spaces 10' X 10'    (No cars for sale in building)
bullet$20 pre-paid (before May 1st); $30 after April 30
bulletOutside Spaces 10' X 20'
bullet$20 pre-paid (before May 1st); $30 after April 30
bulletOutside Spaces 10' X 25'
bullet$25 pre-paid (before May 1st); $35 after April 30
bulletFood available on grounds
bullet(No spaces sold for food vendors)
bulletCamper hook-ups
bullet$20 per night
                          North Fence        
                    Parking Area        
                    S Spaces        
              Rest Rooms          
            Building 1          
  Building 2 O Spaces            
  Main Drive Main Drive   WEST   10th Street
  P Spaces   R Spaces    
        Main Drive        
      Main Drive        EAST  
    Main Drive         Fence   Fence  
              Walk-in Gate                
    Car Show           Handcap Parking      
      Registration Tables                  
                    Main Gate              
      Main Drive         Main Drive
                      MAIN PARKING LOT


    F-10 West Rollup Door A-11 A-10  
0 0         John Cleve John Cleve
                      Ed Boren
F-09   E-06   D-06   B-06   A-08
0 0   Rick Barnes   Rick Barnes   Dianna Lucas   0 0
F-08   E-05   D-05   B-05    
James Gardner   Rick Barnes   Rick Barnes   Cliff Classic Chevy  
F-07   E-04   D-04   B-04  
John Kleve   Dave Cook   Dave Cook   Cliff Classic Chevy  
F-06                     A-07
John Kleve                     Charles Kingman
F-05   E-03   D-03   B-03   A-06
Ron Bader   Kelly Edmunson   Shannon Washburn   Bill  Wilson   Judy Oeder
    E-02   D-02   B-02   A-05
  Kelly Edmunson   Shannon Washburn   Dale Mende   Judy Oeder
F-04   E-01   D-01   B-01   A-04
Jack Remillard   Kelly Edmunson   Don Sorenson   Dale Mende   Jeanie Plucker
F-03                     A-03
Jack Remillard                     Mary Gadeken
  F-02 F-01         A-01 A-02  
Brian Brian Newell         Roger Gerow Roger
Newell East Rollup Door  Gerow
          Building 1     NORTH  


                                              S Section  
            Building 1      
        MAIN DRIVE          
        P-01 P-02 P-03 P-04 P-05 P-06 P-07 P-08 P-09   R Section North Fence
        Randy Bill   Frank Frank Bradford Paty Tracy Gary Gary  
        Bunch Jarrard Workman Workman Sewart Hutchins Schminder Boehnke Boehnke      
  P-10 P-11 P-12 P-13 P-14      
  Dick Ellis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0        
  P-15 P-16 P-17 P-18 P-19        
Brian Davidson Brian Davidson Brian Davidson Rhody Hayes        
  P-20 P-21 P-22 P-23 P-24        
0 0 0 0 Brian Davidson Rhody Hayes        
  P-25 P-26 P-27 P-28 P-29        
  Ryan Holm Ryan Holm Ryan Holm 0 0 0 0        
  P-30 P-31 P-32 P-33 P-34        
  Terry P-30 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0        
  Car Show                                        
          P-35 P-36 P-37        
          Herb Mettler Herb Mettler Herb Mettler        
                            P-38 P-39        
                            Herb Mettler   Herb Mettler        


North Side Fence             North Side Fence     North Side Fence
 Sprinkler Head x  Sprinkler Head x Lamp Pole L Sprinkler Head x   x Sprinkler Head Driveway Parking Lot Fence
S-101 R-51 R-52 R-53 R-54 R-55
0 0 Wayne Elston David Riveja Jim Lytle Jim Lytle Rebecca Hodge
MAIN DRIVEWAY NORTH                    
R-46 R-47 R-48 R-49 R-50
Mark Walker Bill Hart Aces & 8 Bill Hart Aces & 8 Bill Hart Aces & 8 Bill Hart Aces & 8
R-41 R-42 R-43 R-44 R-45
Hal Ireland Bill Hart Aces & 8 Bill Hart Aces & 8 Bill Hart Aces & 8 Bill Hart Aces & 8
R-36 R-37 R-38 R-39 R-40
Robert Ruiz Robert Ruiz Bill Warden Ted Homme Ron Mast
R-31 R-32 R-33 R-34 R-35
Jim Newell Bob Urquhart Bob Urquhart Randy Coffman Randy Coffman
R-26 R-27 R-28 R-29 R-30
Kim Wiggins Kim Wiggins Joe Kuhns Roger Bates Tony Ficenec
R-21 R-22 R-23 R-24 R-25
Crag Klages 0 0 0 0 0 0 Rick Haney
R-16 R-17 R-18 R-19 R-20
Gene Wattenberger Don Allen Wendy Hatley George Zucker Jim Bryant
R-11 R-12 R-13 R-14 R-15
Fred Klein 0 0 Larry Heller Erin Underwood Erin Underwood
                      Walk-in Gate  
R-06 R-07 R-08 R-09 R-10    
Steve Steer Steve Steer Steve Steer Mike Babb Mike Babb    
R-01 R-02 R-03 R-04 R-05    
Jerry Allen Jerry Allen Jerry Allen John Campbell John Campbell      
      R Section          


North Side Fence             North Side Fence        
  Sprinkler Head X       Sprinkler Head X R-51 NORTH
S-106 S-105 S-104 S-103 S-102 S-101
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Paul Michael 0 0
                    MAIN DRIVE    
S-095 S-094 S-093 S-092 S-091 R-46
0 0 0 0 0 0 Tim Lyczewski Steve Hamilton
S-085 S-084 S-083 S-082 S-081 R-41
Mark Whitbeck Scott Campbell Fred Gardner Eddy  Robbins Eddy  Robbins
S-075 S-074 S-073 S-072 S-071 R-36
Harvey Dunham Ralph Edmonds Steve Edmonds Joel Garcia Joel Garcia
S-065 S-064 S-063 S-062 S-061 R-31
Roger Wolf Bill Pryor Jeff Coffman Herb Champlin Joel Garcia
S-055 S-054 S-053 S-052 S-051 R-26
Scott Farmer Shaun Bockman Joel Anderson Dennis Harrington Dennis Harrington
S-045 S-044 S-043 S-042 S-041 R-21
Lyle Key Shaun Bockman Shaun Bockman Dennis Harrington Dennis Harrington
S-035 S-034 S-033 S-032 S-031 R-16
Ron Johnson Ron Johnson Ron Johnson Ron Johnson Ron Vocht
S-025 S-024 S-023 S-022 S-021 R-11
Pat Kennedy Pat Kennedy Pat Kennedy Daile Prettyman Ron Vocht
S-015 S-014 S-013 S-012 S-011 R-06
Kenneth Nelson Darrell Miller Darrell Miller Edith Brown Jim Zacha
S-005 S-004 S-003 S-002 S-001 R-01
Sally Herker Terry Kirkwood Paul Henry Randy Clift Randy Clift
    East Half S Section              


North Side Fence             North Side Fence  
  Sprinkler Head X   Sprinkler Head X        
  S-111 S-110 S-109 S-108 S-107 S-106  
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
  S-100 S-099 S-098 S-097 S-096 S-095  
NORTH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
S-090 S-089 S-088 S-087 S-086 S-085  
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
S-080 S-079 S-078 S-077 S-076 S-075  
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
S-070 S-069 S-068 S-067 S-066 S-065  
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
S-060 S-059 S-058 S-057 S-056 S-055  
Kelly Lundquist 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
S-050 S-049 S-048 S-047 S-046 S-045  
Kelly Lundquist 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
  S-040 S-039 S-038 S-037 S-036 S-035  
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0    
  S-030 S-029 S-028 S-027 S-026 S-025  
  Larry Farnsworth Matt Goble Matt Goble Jerry Lemmon Jerry Lemmon    
  S-020 S-029 S-028 S-027 S-026 S-025  
  Mike Kennedy Mike Kennedy Gary Ellingson Gary Ellingson Gary Ellingson    
  S-010 S-009 S-008 S-007 S-006 S-005  
Buck Bates Buck Bates Lynn Woodin    
      West Half S Section        


                            S Spaces
            Building 1  
  Building 2 O-13     Z-003 Z-002 Z-001          
  0 0          
  O-12     John
Dave Dave     NORTH
  0 0     Trumbo
Hannah Hannah        
  O-11     Main Drive
  0 0    
  O-10 Main Drive P-001 thru P-009   R Spaces
  0 0 P-010 thru P-014  
  Tim Cleary                
  O-08 P-015 thru P-019  
  Rob Lindsay P-020 thru P-024  
  Rob Lindsay